Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trims Going Up

literally spent three hours last night working on the Manor. All I got done was some trim work and some color washing on the portico. It seems like I should have got more done. But then again it always feels that way.I
Here is the portico with it's first two color washes. Looks better but I am still debating whether to scrap or not.

Mr. Anderson again laying claim to the property! Caught ya!

Beginning of the trim. It will have to be aged further but looks good for now. I keep forgetting to pick up the grout every time I make a Home Depot run. I use fine grit grouting. I find it easier to work with and cheaper than dollhouse "stucco" grout. I will be tinting it lightly with grey and then put it in a pastry bag with a super fine tip and then patiently squeeze it into every line. I already know my hands will cramp so I have been putting it off. I like this way of doing grout for this project as opposed to spreading it over everything and then wiping it off. The reason being is that I want to have the lines of grout prominent between the stones as if the weight of the stone has squished it out as opposed to smooth. Looking at old stone construction around town, this is appropriate.
 Sounds like a project fit for a Sunday afternoon. With beer. Grout and beer. Sounds like something you'd order at a German restaurant. I'm German so I can say that :)  Mmmmm, German food. Spitze!

I may end up putting some small applique detailing along the base trim just to add a bit of interest. Haven't decided yet. I don't want to get too fancy. Sometimes less is more.
Another thing I have been putting off are the windows. I originally thought I would build them from scratch but now I am thinking of just modifying the ones that came with the kit. Most are going to be "boarded up" or broken out anyway. Regardless, they need to go in very soon.
Having no set design plan for the exterior means thinking through every step of detail work and kind of letting each detail plan the next.

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