Saturday, August 4, 2012

THIS is dedication.....

So, I stopped and picked up more paperclay from the store because I am hell bent on getting the exterior of Garth Manor done. It just so happens that we are experiencing 99 degree weather today. Now, before all you Midwesterners guffaw, this is PORTLAND OREGON. That, coupled with the fact that our home is 100 years old and has no air conditioning makes it unbearable. Right now the thermostat in my dark hallway reads 88 degrees inside the house. That is the first floor. Upstairs is my workroom and it is even hotter. With all the windows open. Is that gonna stop me? Nope. I will sweat through this if I have to. I have beer cooling in the freezer and a fan. I can do this. If anything, the sweat I will be dripping will keep the clay that gross?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Streamlining This Site

If you see some posts disappear from here, you are not losing your mind. I need to stay on-point with this blog: the construction progress of Garth Manor.

I have been adding in posts that are not related (directly) to this project so I will be moving them to my commercial site and archiving them there. This should allow easier tracking for those who are actively following this build.

This blog has been an example of how my brain works. Scattered. It's time to clean house.

Thanks for your comments and input thus far. Real progress is being made and new pics should be up very very soon.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More on "Hell Night"- the Inspiration for Garth Manor

A bit more information on the inspiration behind "Garth Manor" and the film that inspired it (well, to a certain extent).

The movie posters of the early 80's can't be beat!

 I saw this movie at the Starlite Drive-In when it was released. Movies were always more fun at the drive-in.

Here is a brief synopsis of the plot:

Before being able to join Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and its sister sorority, four pledges must spend the night in Garth Manor, twelve years to the day after the previous resident murdered his entire family. Some, however, say that one member of the Garth family survived, and still resides somewhere in the now-deserted mansion. Murder and mayhem ensue.

I would certainly not classify this movie as "good", but some of the production values were a lot higher than other horror films of the time. The sets were beautifully done, the lighting and camera work were above par. Plus, it was fun watching Linda Blair run and jump around in that bodacious costume! Anyhow, this film captured my imagination as a kid and I still enjoy giving it a spin now and again. The film also had a hedge maze attached to the house which actually was a set built for the film. I have thought about including this in my landscaping design but I really need to consider the scale and scope of this project! I mean, until this sells or when not on display, I will have to keep it in my home!

Many movies have inspired my miniature creations. Ghost Story, The Changeling, The Company of Wolves, and The Legend of Hell House are all on my future project list. And I can't wait to see The Hobbit! I am sure that this film is going to create a flood of mini Hobbit Houses! Game of Thrones also has some tempting aesthetics.

What inspires your mini projects?

Brick or Stone? Feedback Please?

The end of the exterior prep is rapidly approaching. I ran out of clay and I have had too much red wine to go and get more so I will be taking a short break. I will most likely finish all of the exterior walls within the week. Then the detail and coloring, sealing and grout work. These parts are tedious and very time consuming but really brings everything to life. Definately NOT a step to be rushed.

By the way, it is never wise to enjoy more than a glass or two of Pinot Noir while "working".

You can clearly see the color difference between the Das and the Creative Paperclay if you look closely where I did a bit of patch work on the upper right hand section.

Brickwork for the second level? I am still torn. The stones at the base will be a very dark grey so I am not sure about adding the reddish hues even though I would darkly age the bricks. Suggestions desperately sought. I have searched through image libraries of stone victorians but I just don't know....

Amazingly, this structure does not yet weigh a ton. But it's getting there......

The still sad looking interior. Sealed but that's all. Gotta get the outside done first. PLUS, I have yet to find wallpaper I like. R.I.P. red flocked mini wallpaper.....where hast thou gone?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stonework that never ends.....

So, I have now completed the lower left front bay wall and left side wall and bay. That means that I still have tons of stone and brick work left but am getting there. I am torn with the mix of stone and brick. Should I do the upper levels in a dark brick as opposed to the heavy stone of the first level? I am really nervous to switch design and then possibly regret it. Any thoughts?

The overall design of this house is going to end up being a strange blend of styles. I think that mixing stone, brick, and even clapboards in spots will keep it visually interesting. It is just such a fine line between "eclectic, unique, or quircky" and just a BIG OL' MESS. I gotta be careful.
 I am really glad that I decided to not include the sloped roof tops on the bay windows. It looks much more imposing like this. There will be stone trim work done but that will come after all the other work is done.
The basement window. I think I will be installing bars instead of an actual window.

Freestyling is fun as long as you are paying attention so your lines don't go crooked or wonky.
This is the WRONG sanding tool to use right here. Lost some details that will need to be re-done.
I love these bay windows. I will be making the windows from scratch. It will be my first time making window frames but I feel confident. Let's face it, the available pre-made windows are rather boring and there are only a few designs available. Making my own windows will add to the uniqueness of this project.

Garth Manor

I have named the haunted house "Garth Manor" as an homage to one of my favorite scary movies from the 80's- Hell Night. This starred Linda Blair and was filmed in Redlands, California. The mansion above, obviously lit for the film, is the Kimberly Crest Mansion and is now a museum. The architecture fascinated me as a kid and while my haunted house is not architecturally the same, it is my way of honoring the film that brought me so many nightmares as a kid.

Here is a picture of it in daylight. Isn't it magnificent!