Saturday, August 4, 2012

THIS is dedication.....

So, I stopped and picked up more paperclay from the store because I am hell bent on getting the exterior of Garth Manor done. It just so happens that we are experiencing 99 degree weather today. Now, before all you Midwesterners guffaw, this is PORTLAND OREGON. That, coupled with the fact that our home is 100 years old and has no air conditioning makes it unbearable. Right now the thermostat in my dark hallway reads 88 degrees inside the house. That is the first floor. Upstairs is my workroom and it is even hotter. With all the windows open. Is that gonna stop me? Nope. I will sweat through this if I have to. I have beer cooling in the freezer and a fan. I can do this. If anything, the sweat I will be dripping will keep the clay that gross?


  1. Why am I picturing you with ice packs taped to your ankles? :D Good luck and stay cool!

    1. By the way, I am a huge fan of your work. Your Baxter Pointe Villa is absolutely amazing to me. It is like my dream Oregon Coast weekend getaway place. Which I need right now. Badly.

  2. Gawd, had to take a break. Played in my neighbors sprinkler for a few minutes. I was using my water mister more on my face than on the clay. The temp has now reached 92 degrees downstairs so it is probably about 97 degrees in my workroom. Dedication is one thing, insanity is another! Hopefully this heat wave won't last. We Portlanders are used to rain and grey NOT this kind of jungle heat.......