Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blood, Sweat, and Tears.....

Despite the heat yesterday, I was able to finish two more sections on the upper levels. I certainly put blood, sweat, and tears into the work. Literally. First off I was sweating heavier than an Eskimo in Savannah in August. Then I cut myself with a chef grade butcher knife while trimming clay. I then proceeded to step on a bottle of black acrylic paint that the cat had knocked off the table when I was downstairs rinsing brushes and it squirted all over the floor. Ok, it didn't make me cry but I was close.

 The clay was really drying up fast because of the high heat so I had to carve in my details fast on the large sections of clay while keeping the rest covered with damp paper towels and plastic wrap.
The final trim work on this beast is going to be a challenge. That makes it all the more fun.
Today I will get the two short sides (seen on the left) as well as the two large right sides with the window (kitchen bay). I need to check my measurements again because I may still add a conservatory right off the kitchen. A small one. This means turning the middle of the three windows into a door. I love making last second decisions. I love the idea of having a conservatory because I'll get to do real serious aging and gunk up the glass. Plus you can put strange things in a conservatory.

I am not really happy with the way the chimney has turned out so far. I am going to go back to it soon and add some further clay work and details. It still needs to be grouted and the chimney pots need to be put on top. I am my own worst judge. I think I may add some decorative element to the front face to break up the monotony. I will see if it needs it after it is grouted and trimmed out around the roof lines and contact points.

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