Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look Closely....wait for it....wait for it.....

This is an example of how I want to feature "hidden" elements within the walls of Garth Manor. Take a moment and really look around this room. Look closely. Carefully. Give yourself time. Don'y give up. Wait for it.........

Comment your reation!


  1. OMG........scarey, yes. Spine-chillingly good.

    1. Yes- my day daughter sent me this picture through Facebook and it took me a couple of minutes to see it but when I did I seriously jumped!

  2. My God, when I saw it it scared the ^&*%^ out of me.... Yikes

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it awful? Scared me so bad. I just have to figure out how to hide elements similar to this throughout the house! I've got awhile before interior work begins so lots of time to plan.

  4. I didn't see any unusual at first but when I did I literally jumped and gasped. Heart rate still a little elevated. Good thing I recently used the bathroom.