Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun bits finally!

Yay!!!!!!! Finally get to move forward a bit. Started the basic coloring of the stonework. It is always such a challenge to get the various hues in the rock. Rocks have so many colors from blues and blacks to pinks, oranges, you name it! Here I show step one and tow. It will probably get 3 more steps before sealing and grouting. Then aging and moss.

 Step One

 Step two

I am really putting off the roofing. I am still kind of torn on just how I am going to do it.....


  1. Wow Looking great, and your so fast... :)

  2. I try! When I am knee deep in a project I do not like to stop. It is the law of inertia. Things in motion tend to stay in motion. Things at rest tend to stay at rest........

  3. Looks wonderful! I am about to start coloring custom brick on my clue house... I know its going to be several several coats! Hope it comes out as great as yours! -ara

    1. I have actually had to divide the house into 6 sections to do the coloring. It is so massive an area, and I hand blend my colors, that when I run out of a particular shade I have to blend more which creates variations (however slight). So I do each section in smaller parts to make sure that each tone from each batch is present on all sections of the structure. It is time consuming and I REALLY have to pay attention to my work as I go, but I don't want to end up having one side darker than the other side or the top portion lighter than the bottom. And talk about hand cramps! Stippling for long periods of time can do a number on your poor digits! But I love it anyway. I can't wait to see pics of your bricks! I am sure it's going to be fabulous!

    2. Luckily I don't have the bricks going all the way around my house so I hope I can keep it even! I haven't even started yet lol. I am a little intimidated when it comes to new techniques!!

    3. I know how you feel. New techniques are wonderful but can be a bit scary. For bricks it is worth the time to pencil in lines so you keep straight. It is VERY easy to go wonky and end up with slanted bricks! Have fun!