Monday, July 30, 2012

Stonework that never ends.....

So, I have now completed the lower left front bay wall and left side wall and bay. That means that I still have tons of stone and brick work left but am getting there. I am torn with the mix of stone and brick. Should I do the upper levels in a dark brick as opposed to the heavy stone of the first level? I am really nervous to switch design and then possibly regret it. Any thoughts?

The overall design of this house is going to end up being a strange blend of styles. I think that mixing stone, brick, and even clapboards in spots will keep it visually interesting. It is just such a fine line between "eclectic, unique, or quircky" and just a BIG OL' MESS. I gotta be careful.
 I am really glad that I decided to not include the sloped roof tops on the bay windows. It looks much more imposing like this. There will be stone trim work done but that will come after all the other work is done.
The basement window. I think I will be installing bars instead of an actual window.

Freestyling is fun as long as you are paying attention so your lines don't go crooked or wonky.
This is the WRONG sanding tool to use right here. Lost some details that will need to be re-done.
I love these bay windows. I will be making the windows from scratch. It will be my first time making window frames but I feel confident. Let's face it, the available pre-made windows are rather boring and there are only a few designs available. Making my own windows will add to the uniqueness of this project.

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