Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brick or Stone? Feedback Please?

The end of the exterior prep is rapidly approaching. I ran out of clay and I have had too much red wine to go and get more so I will be taking a short break. I will most likely finish all of the exterior walls within the week. Then the detail and coloring, sealing and grout work. These parts are tedious and very time consuming but really brings everything to life. Definately NOT a step to be rushed.

By the way, it is never wise to enjoy more than a glass or two of Pinot Noir while "working".

You can clearly see the color difference between the Das and the Creative Paperclay if you look closely where I did a bit of patch work on the upper right hand section.

Brickwork for the second level? I am still torn. The stones at the base will be a very dark grey so I am not sure about adding the reddish hues even though I would darkly age the bricks. Suggestions desperately sought. I have searched through image libraries of stone victorians but I just don't know....

Amazingly, this structure does not yet weigh a ton. But it's getting there......

The still sad looking interior. Sealed but that's all. Gotta get the outside done first. PLUS, I have yet to find wallpaper I like. R.I.P. red flocked mini wallpaper.....where hast thou gone?

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