Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stone Portico, Crypt, and Legend Update

The stone portico, which I thought would be super easy (I know...) has turned out to be a bear (of course). I do not want to post any pics until it is finished and should be in a couple of days. It doesn't seem like it should be as difficult as it is turning out to be. Maybe it is just me who is making it difficult. I can be obsessively perfectionistic. 
I have also just began the design work of the family crypt. I may make a tutorial on that project because it is kind of cool and definitely unusual. I have not decided whether I am going to go with gator board or ply for this structure. I am leaning towards gator board. I need to come up with a cool design for a stained glass window that will be featured in the back wall.

I am using this sample as a reference for the Garth family crypt. I think it will suit the property nicely.
I am also revising and expanding the history of the Manor. It will be a mini book (mini as in short!) that will accompany the house if and when it is on display (I am shooting for Northwest Miniature Show 2013) that viewers can read and then look for little (actual minis!) reference points within the scene. I will publish it here in parts as it unfolds. The story is literally writing itself.
Have a great day all! And I just want to say thanks to all of you who leave comments and send me messages saying nice things! And sharing all of your tips, tricks, and suggestions! I love reading them and they inspire me to keep charging ahead! In this day and age where people can be so disconnected from each other it is nice to have people from all over to share with!

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