Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Cinematic Inspirations

Viewing "The Woman in Black" inspired me to revisit other films that have great sets which can serve as inspiration for the interior of Garth Manor. "The Legend of Hell House" from I think 1972 or so is another great example of uber-creepy interiors that set my imagination into flight. Here are some pictures from that film. Great ghost story but not the best executed. The film ended up lacking in scares but the sets were amazing!
Yeah, not sure i would even step through the front door
The crazy woodwork in this place would stretch my carving abilities to the max
Bordello chic. Garish is an understatement!
Cozy dining room!
The use of colors in this place!
I am starting to feel like Garth Manor is too small! I want ALL these rooms in there. Why didn't they ever show the kitchen? Ggrrrrrrrr.....

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