Friday, August 24, 2012

I Just Don't Know......

I just don't know if I am happy with the portico. It doesn't feel right to me. Maybe it is just because it has not been colored yet. It should be dry completely by the time I am home later this afternoon to do the first wash. I have no qualms about scrapping it despite the time it took to create it. I can always recycle it into a later project. Here are a few pictures. Tell me what you think.

The Balance is off now because of the large window. I think if I had carried the width of the portico all the way to the right where the wall drops back it would look better. But then again, the whole house needs to feel a bit off.
For some reason it just evokes "Egyptian Temple" to me. I will most likely add a wrought iron gate.

 The top will have trim to finish it off.
 There will be lots of vines creeping up the sides. This picture makes it look wonky on one side. It is but final installation would fix that.
Some of the trim pieces from Home Depot. The one on the right has obviously been painted, it didn't come like that.
I am my most abusive critic which is why I ask so often of your opinions. Does it look off to you? Should I redo it and make it wider? Ugh......


  1. I think wider would be the way to go, for sure. Its looking great so far! I went to Home Depot yesterday and snatched up some of their trims as well!

    1. Yup, I have scrapped it for now.I knew that if I wasn't happy with it I should let it go. I am still tossing around ideas to replace it. I have been back to Home Depot three times and keep buying more trim. I am a trim hoarder!