Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Landscaping

 What makes the difference between a run down property with occupants lacking funds and/or pride of ownership with a "haunted house"? The landscaping. This project is screaming for a very detailed landscaping plan and that is what makes this the most involved project I have ever begun. The photo above shows a sample of what will serve as a base for this house. The house, especially with a name like Beacon Hill (which is not going to be it's final name) will be perched on a small hilltop with a series of steps leading up to the front door. This will give me ample opportunity to incorporate detailed stonework which I love.

I will also be adding a swampy, boggy pond area which will feature a clues as to the tragedies which have befallen this house and it's occupants. I love, love, love working with water effects because, when done well, they really bring a scene to life (or death in this case). I will be adding lots of reeds and other foliage around the edge of the pond and many hidden details will be tucked here and there.
If I have room to add a dilapidated gazebo, that may also be placed on the property. Also, it will be late fall in the scene. No snow yet, but lots of rain so I will be adding water effects to the actual structure. Rain puddles, wet roofing, etc. There is so much you can do with water effects. I use a product called Magic Water which, in my humble opinion, is the best product out there both for results and ease of use. It was marketed specifically for model railroaders but it can easily be used in any scale.

I will be using a strip wire and clay technique to create dead trees and a small family cemetery will be featured. I will be extensively photographing these techniques as I go along. Maybe something I share will help you learn a new technique.

My excitement with this project is intense and I can't wait to start really digging into the detail work. I am almost done with the basic structure so it should not be too long before I can get to all the fun parts! Stay tuned! Please comment come back often!

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