Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kit Bashing For This Project

I can never leave a kit alone. No matter how perfect the design. Just the thought of having the same house as someone else feels wrong. I always put my own stamp on it. The Beacon Hill is a brilliant design. I just had to change a few things, especially for the haunted theme I am going for in this project.

I completely changed the chimney, eliminating the decorative top for a more squared look with two "flutes" jutting up instead. I also used creative paperclay to achieve a dark stone look.

I will not be using any of the trim work or brackets included in the kit. I have chosen to hand cut my own and also incorporate some laser cut brackets as well.

I do not think I will be using the front door that came with the kit. Instead I will build my own, a more stylized and forbidding looking door.

I have eliminated the porch roofing altogether and have changed the second floor curved french doors into a large window. A small accent balcony will create visual interest.

I will not be using the clapboard siding or the shingles. I will use paperclay to create a fantastical styled slate roof and will be doing extensive stonework on the entire outside of the house.

I eliminated the angled roofing that sits atop the first floor bays and have opted to go with a more stark and hard angled line.

I am searching for scale gargoyles to sit atop key points on the roof line as well as the front bay window.

I left the interior layout alone because it works the way it is and the structural integrity may be affected by and wall changes. The "closet" in the upstairs bedroom will serve as a "secret" room hidden behind a bookcase and I will be making the tower roof a usable space by adding additional flooring, lighting, and a fold down staircase.

I may change or amend some of these modifications as I go along but the image I have in my head is pretty strong. I can't wait to put up some pictures to share and get comments and suggestions!

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