Friday, July 27, 2012

First Pictures

Since things are rapidly coming together in this project, I have added some pictures of what it looks like now. Oh, it's like giving birth to a new baby. But not as painful. Well maybe sometimes as painful. But I'm a guy so I couldn't really say. I'll shut up now.
 Here is the stonework on the chimney. Still needs some layering and moss effects will be added at the end.
 These dormers are a bear to put together. Here is one that is just dry fit in place with a first color "wash". Not decrepit enough yet. I will be creating a stained glass window for this tower window. It just cries for one. I will also be creating stained glass for the grand second floor french window. Just haven't figured out the design yet.
 The surfaces have been sealed and the first coats of paint are on the areas that will not have stonework. I am getting excited! Almost to the fun parts!

My workshop. My messy work table. Wow, seeing it in a picture makes me realize that I really need to clean up!

The interior layout has not been changed. It works as it is.  

Here you can see some strip work which has been added to break up the heavy stonework that will cover the entire house. I used relatively deep strips because the paperclay will use about half the thickness. Acts not only as structural "reinforcement" but also breaks it up visually.

Well, there she is so far! Like I said, things are really starting to speed up and I am so excited. I will be obsessively photographing this project from this point forward so check back often!

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