Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day Two of Stonework

So, another couple of days of drying and the truth will be known but so far Das is a winner. And the price makes me giddy. I have been paying about $5.99 (less coupons) for a 7oz package of Creative Paperclay and a 35oz. package of Das is $6.99. Um, goodbye clapboard siding forever?

 The top section was done with the Creative Paperclay and the more narrow angled side on the right was done with Das. For this particular style of stonework, I think the Das "behaved" the best. The lines are more clearly defined and realistic up close where as the Creative Paperclay will need some post dry sanding and dremel routing to clean up some of the work. You can clearly see the difference in the photo. Also, I had voiced concern over the difference in color saying that the Das was much darker but it has really lightened up as it dries. I have yet to see any "joining" issues but it still has a day or two to dry completely. It hasn't been particularly warm here in Portland so it is taking a bit longer than usual. Any cracks in the work can be corrected with a little white glue and fresh creative paperclay smoothed in to fill. That is one negative with the Das. It isn't as smoothe as the PC.
I am really going to have to work these two sections so they look uniform because the Das side is so much more defined than the creative paperclay side. Ugh.

 Here is Anderson, my assistant. He just can't stand not being on or around the table when I am working. Right here he is guarding my super duper high tech clay roller contraption.

Here is a picture, sans cat, of my super duper high tech clay rolling contraption. I simply glued two strip of 1/8 inch trim on each side of a smooth board. Put the clay in the middle and rest the ends of your roller (I use a high tech rolling pin) so the ends rest on the trim, and roll. This ensures an even thickness. Someday I may buy a pasta machine but this has always served me well and it cost like .50 cents to make. PLUS you can make these in different sizes to reduce how much trimming you have to do.

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