Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Warning! Don't Age When Angry!

So yesterday was a vile day on a global level for me. More layoffs at work, financial struggles, and bad behavior on my part. So, how does a person with no common sense deal with this? By working on minis of course. HOWEVER, I found a little too much "therapy" in creating the wood rot on the corners of my roof trim. I had to age the corners after the trim was glued on because I had jumped the gun without thinking. It felt so good to hack away at those little pieces with my fine toothed saw. I went a little crazy, hacking like a horror movie madman, and snapped one right off the house where it proceeded to fly across the room, landing right in front of Mr. Anderson. He realized that it was a toy and quickly paw scuttled it right out the door and under the bed where he guarded it with zeal. I could do nothing other than laugh. I have since recovered the trim and it actually looks great. It is now securely glued back in place and his little teeth marks kinda helped with the distressing!

I also started the clay stone work on the new portico but it is proving difficult. The clay cause some minor warping. Plus, I wasn't patient with the application and it shows. I should know better than to work on detailed projects when in a foul mood. It never ends well.

Today is my Friday so I will go to work, do my best, come home, cook a real dinner, and enjoy some mindless TV. Garth Manor can wait a day. Michi needs a day off.


  1. Hi Michi,
    I'm sorry you had such a crap day, but glad you were able to laugh about it...a little.
    I agree with everything you said, but sometimes the frustration just has to come out! I'm glad you had an outlet and hope you fell better soon...and hope you enjoyed the dinner.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac! Sometimes you need a bad day so you can appreciate all the good days even more! The dinner was awesome. I made Goulash with spatzle!

  2. You were meant to glue the piece on first. That way you would have an outlet hacking it off on a frustrating day. LOL