Friday, September 7, 2012

I am working on a bunch of smaller detail stuff with the manor while I wait in between clay application and drying on the portico.
The cellar doors waiting to be finished and attached once the manor is on it's base. These are fun because they will feature one of the "clues" to the mystery of the house. Just need to find a tiny padlock. Shouldn't be too hard. 

Hard to see but the windows are now being framed out. I am building them all from scratch.

Unfinished roof decay. The slate shingles will hide most of what you see here but will add just a touch of decay and rot to the overall feel.

A little better picture of a framed out window. This window will feature some stained glass work.
You can see the top of the bay below still has not been trimmed out. Soon. The angles are kind of a b***h to deal with when using a thick trim. I'll get to it. Someday.

 More decay on the corners of the trim along the roof line. Mr. Anderson helped with ageing this one....with his teeth.
More rot. All this sunshine ruins my photos!

Portico stone work. This is the interior side which will hardly be seen but I still want it to look correct. The supports will be covered as well. After this is dry I will complete the exterior side and then get it painted when it is ready. Can't wait! This part gets me excited because it is really going to add personality to the front.

Bricks are grouted and sealed. I like that I decided to add natural reddish tones to the bricks. Once the portico is in place, it will show just enough to break up all the grey of the entire exterior. 

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  1. Hello Michi,
    Draw dropping gorgeous! I love every detail you make. your aging techniques are perfect. I love the cellar doors and I can't wait tos ee the portico go up! Good luck with the windows! I made all the ones for my Manor from scratch as well and it wasent too difficult...just long, but in the end you'll get exactly what you want.
    Have a great week, and keep up the incredible work!