Saturday, September 8, 2012

It seems to be taking forever to get this portico done. It is going to be a bear and a half to fit squarely against the house. It will take some very careful tweaking. I'm kinda scared....

 First piece of bay trim dry fitted. Awkward angles are making this a test of patience and accurate cutting.
 My future coffin book case. Not for the manor but for a Witch/Occult shop coming in the future. I work on this while waiting for clay or paint to dry. It is just one of those cheap wood coffins from Michael's we bought three years ago for a Halloween party. I removed the hinges and filled and sanded the holes. The wood is a bit thick scale wise but I am going to trim it out to try and make it work. If it doesn't, oh well.....

Close up of the beginning of the collapsed portico roof. Rain would have poured through this for years so I am tossing around ideas for what it would have done to the porch below.

What a gorgeous morning! The screen kind of muddles the really bright blue sky.

Mr. Anderson enjoying the weather as well.


  1. Hi Michi,
    No Fear! with your skills it might take a little tweeking but I have NO doubt it will look perfect and seamless!
    I LOVE the idea of a coffin bookcase and the collapsed roof looks great...very smart use of materials.
    I wish I were mr. Anderson looking out the window all day...lucky cat!
    Have a great day,

  2. In regard to the bookcase, do you have a bandsaw? You could always lay the coffin on its back and slice the sides literally in half down their length; trimming them easily to half their thickness without ruining it. Just a thought... Love how everything for the Manor is coming along!