Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo updates: Front steps and new portico.

Had a fairly productive weekend. I carved the front steps from foam and built the portico shell. Now all the detail work needs to be started.
I also continued working on the decorative trim.

Still have one small strip to add and it will be finished. Some of the trim will be falling away from the house and/or sagging. I need to simulate wood rot on the corners and ends.

The new portico. It will completely enclose the front.

Portico roof. Part of the roof will be collapsed in exposing the construction beams and adding a truly run down appearance.

The front steps section one. I carved this out of foam and have coated it in sanded grout. The cracks are carved in. Still needs to be aged.

Here it is dry fit in place. It will not be fully attached until the structure is installed on the landscaping base so it can be "sunk" in place.


  1. The broken portico idea is another great example of how Otterine's tutorials can used in a variety of projects and made your own. http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog1.php/portico-completed

    1. She used them in her Spring Fling project too which is an unexpected touch of fun. Funny how making something look old and dilapidated can be so much more work than making it new and pretty!

  2. Hello Michi,
    Wow! you are really moving along. That is just beautfiul work! I lovve the re-design of the portico. It seems to fit very well with the language of the building. Even unfinished your pictures look like snapshots of old horror movie sets.
    Awsome work, as usual.

  3. Saying it looks like old horror movie sets is the single greatest compliment ever! Thank you!!! I love the new portico design as well! MUCH better than the original.

  4. The new portico design is simply perfect! Loving this...the house fivese the creeps already!!

    1. Thank you so much! Your getting the creeps already? Just wait.......