Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Quick Funny

So I was in my upstairs workroom yesterday working on trim and coloring egg carton for my slate shingles when I noticed that I needed more carton. I had already ripped the top off the eggs in the fridge so I was kinda bummed. I let out a deep sigh and put down my tools to take a break. I just happen to glance out the window and I see my neighbor taking two egg cartons to put in her recycling bin. I screamed out the window "I need those!" and she literally jumped two feet into the air. After feeling kinda bad (for about three seconds) I ran out to snatch them up. Talk about timing. Those were meant to be mine! Yes, having a miniaturist for a neighbor can be very interesting.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That's awesome!

  2. Hello Michi,
    That's funny...Nothing funny like that ever happens in my neighborhood!
    Have fun with the cartons!

    1. My neighborhood is great and my neighbors are awesome. It is an older area of downtown Portland. Most of the houses were built between 1910 and 1920. Ours was built in 1914. Even then it was a densely populated area so the houses are all very close together which makes knowing your neighbors important!