Monday, August 27, 2012

Note to self: NEVER leave any mini in progress out in a common area without a note saying please don't touch. I was buzzing right along last night with my egg carton brick work when I realized that I needed more! So, I went to the fridge, ripped the top off of my carton of eggs, and proceeded to start marking and cutting. Well, the glass of Piont Noir I was enjoying brought on the yawns so I headed off to bed. My faithful companion came home later that night and was kind enough to "clean up" after me. Yes, all of the untrimmed and off size pieces were all dumped unceremoniously in with all the trimmed bits. The picture doesn't really show just how many tiny bricks there are but it is enough to keep me busy for awhile separating them. Oh well. Karma.
All nice and neat now. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaggggghhhhhh!
P.S. Please note the cup of tea in the background. You know you are a mini addict when you switch from coffee to tea because you need the used leaves for soil mix for your mini landscaping!

I love doing this believe it or not. You can't think about anything else when doing even the most straight forward brick work.

I am really avoiding having too much perfection in the layout. I want there to be a bit of wonkiness and gappage (are those words?)
Another design idea I am knocking around is this wall to close off the front porch. I want nothing to be inviting about this house.

Here you get a better view of the placement. There will be a second set of steps to the right that will lead to the "garden". I am going to cover this with stone work and then cap the top with squared off blocks.

I want to introduce you to my new best friend. Mr. Water Putty. This stuff is amazing and I have to thank Brae for introducing this on a tutorial for her incredible creepy tree. There are so many uses for this stuff. The more I play with it, the more I learn. It doesn't shrink, sets quick, and dries rock hard.  Oh, and it's cheap! A can cost me $7.89 at the Home Depot. 


  1. Are you using the leaves first in the spirit of not being wasteful? I've seen people say they use the left over coffee grounds and tea leaves and always wondered why they had to be used. They work great fresh from the package (IMO) and are still very inexpensive compared to buying landscape specific modelers fluff :)

    1. There are a couple reasons. One is definately in the spirit of not wasting. I enjoy coffe and I enjoy tea so it is the best of both worlds. Brew, drink, enjoy, landscape!
      The other reason is that coffee has a fairly decent amount of natural oils which are acidic in nature and brewing eliminates most, if not all of these oils. Tea has tannic acid in it which, again, is acidic in nature. I just try to minimize acidity in any project that I intend to last a long time. I used fresh coffee grounds for potted flowers once a long time ago and the coffee oils actually leached onto the flower petals and oil stained them. That is when I started using old grounds and have never had a problem since.

    2. A great example is some black tea "aging" I did on some lace curtains years ago. They became stiff and brittle after a time. Now I use a very light umber blend dirty wash to dip them.

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