Monday, August 27, 2012

Side Project: Victorian Hair Art

Many people are not aware of the mourning rituals of the Victorian era. One of the most intriguing to me is the use of a deceased loved one's hair to create art. Yes, you read right. Art. Family members would take the hair of their deceased loved ones and create sculptures, jewelry, and framed weavings.
I think this is fascinating and I want to include some hair art in Garth Manor so I am working on a glass dome display hair art tree similar to the one above but it will be in the shape of a weeping willow. Now hair art is very intricate, so in mini it is a nightmare of patience and a steady hand. I have made these before years ago but just never had a proper setting for one until now.


  1. Hello again Bell and Crow,
    It's amazing what Victorians did when it cme to death. This is such a beautiful form of art and I cant wait tos ee what you create. It will look perfect in your project.

    1. Thanks again Giac. Yes, the Victorians were a fascinating bunch when it came to death. And please, call me Michi. Informal German abbreviation for Michael.