Sunday, August 26, 2012

I only have one more piece of base trim to install, then it is on to the other two pieces of trim which will make it more decorative. It is starting to give the manor some personality and "soften" the stone effect just a tiny bit. I also need to trim the tops and the bottoms of the two bays on the first level.
Wow, what a difference. I guess I am making progress after all.

 The roof has been primed and it's dark undercoat has been applied. Getting ready to shingle. Still need to assemble the other three dormers and get them painted and aged.
 I have also scrapped the first portico and you can see the wood piece in front of the door. That will be the roof of the new, extended one. I figured that if I was hesitating on the first style, it was best to not use it. Go with my gut so to speak. I also realized that the roof boards on the first one were run in the wrong direction. A small detail but one that would bother me to no end.
 I also want to make the stonework arched to add some flair instead of just boxy. Most Romanesque Revival structures had curved or Roman arches in their porticos. Even though this is a strange blend of Romanesque Revival and Second Empire, I do want to keep some features appropriate.
 Mr. Anderson giving me a reminder to install the dormers.
Just testing the structural integrity of the Manor. Yup, it's strong.
I am really going to hustle today and get a lot of the basics done. The grouting, shingles, portico, dormers, and final trim. Ok, maybe that is too much for one day but I am gonna try to make a dent at least.


  1. Hello Bell and crow,
    I've seen many people tackle this dollhouse kit, but never has abyone transformed it the way you are doing. It is wonderful and you've added so much interest to a popular dollhouse. I just love your amazing and detailed craftsmanship.
    Very well done,

  2. *blush* Thank you for your kind words! Coming from someone with the mad skills you have, it means a lot!