Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Need To Hustle!

I really need to kick into high gear because we will most likely be moving into a different place in November. I am sad about this but it is a necessary evil.
My goal is to have the house on it's foundation, have all exterior (house) work done, including door, windows, and shingling, and most of the landscaping ready to be detailed. This may not sound like much but at the rate it has been going, it is a push. I just need to be careful about rushing anything. I don't want to do anything slipshod or half-arsed just because I have a goal to meet.
 Here is what I have accomplished over the last couple days:
 The stone has been painted and sealed. Really looks correct now. I am happy with the results. I still cannot permanently install this until the house is on it's base. You can see part of the original "basement window" that was part of the original house design because I just pushed it against the house to snap a pic. That will not show when installed.
I used those "Woodsies Thin Craft Sticks" to create the doors. I have found so many uses for them. The slight opening of the cellar doors is intentional and will feature a creepy element ;-) 
 The portico roof collapse with wood overlay. I just used some old clapboard siding strips. Next comes my favorite part- hacking away with my Exacto and attacking with my metal bristled scrub brush. Then multiple coats of various washes to age and weather and a further "scrubbing".
The area below the hole will have been exposed to decades of rain and direct exposure to the elements. I will need to adjust the coloration of the stones as well as the brick flooring in the affected area, making them a bit darker with hints of dark green. Moss will be added during the final detail work. I will use various shades of green and brown scenic flocking available through model train shops. I use the super fine and build it up in small layers to achieve proper scale and shading. 
There will be beams on the underside of the roof that will have been the cross supports. These will be added once the roof is attached to the actual portico so the measurements are exact. These touches will barely be seen but I want them there so if you look closely enough, you will see them. They would have been there in real life so I want them.
I need to get my butt upstairs and get to work. No rest for the wicked as they say.

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  1. Hello Michi,
    That makes me laugh...I think everyone underestimates hoew long each miniature task takes. Just make sure you don't turn your project into a race and kill the fun. i've known many who fall in that trap. Everything is looking so wonderful and realsitic, it would be a shame to overdose or make a mistake...God knows I've rushed many times and made a few screw ups.
    I'm sorry to hear you'll have to move. I hope your new place will be great and when you've grown accustomed to change you'lle like it.
    big hug,