Friday, September 14, 2012

Disaster Averted!

Good news for us! We don't have to move! Thank the Gods! Because if I had to try and organize and pack up my craft room in the middle of this build I would curl into a ball and die. I would be like a puddle of quivering flesh on the floor. Like a piece of chewed up gum..... Ok, not really, but the thought of having to move made me physically ill. Whew! Now, back to business.......
 Here you can see the aged roofing. I am still thinking one more coat of wash.....Then the trim work.I will be adding some weed growth along the trim line for added realism. Heck, I have weed growth along my own roof line and my house is lived in!
 I got a really nasty splinter while roughing up the wood strips. I have bled more on this project than any other in my twenty plus years history with miniatures. A portent or omen perhaps....?
 I have added a couple of layers of additional dark wash on the area below the broken roof to show the effects of the elements. More to come. Once the desired effect is achieved, I will add moss growth.
The area on the bricks below the opening with further weathering. This is just the first layer but I want to keep it somewhat subtle and not go "overboard". It is barely noticeable at this point.

Dry fitted all portico parts. The fit works. Now I just have to give it one more day to allow the "patchwork" clay dry and I will begin the stone painting. Tomorrow for sure! I am so excited because it will truly reveal the overall look for the structure. FINALLY!


  1. Hello Michi,
    I'm so happy you won't have to move! Yay!
    You COULD NOT have made a better design for the portico. It looks so perfect and I think it really works with the scale of the building and creates a very grand powerful entrance. I love it and commend you for listening to your gut feeling and not settleing for earlier designs. I really love your ageing!

  2. I am super happy with it. Getting the stone color to match the house is going to take some work but the overall look is very appropriate compared to the first design. Yes, not having to move has brought sunshine and rainbows back my life. The housing market here is just horrendous and the idea of packing up three floors worth of stuff was nauseating. I can now just focus on finishing the Manor without having to rush any steps.

  3. I almost started crying thinking of you moving. I am only moving my studio from the house to an apartment behind the house and I am stressing. Glad you don't have to move
    Loving the house though!

    1. Thank you! My work room is always in a state of chaos so just having to move it all even downstairs was an exercise in terror. Now I just have to re-disorganize everything :)
      No, seriously, I will be putting everything in order and have vowed to keep it that way. Disorganization adds so much work to even the most simple project. Good luck with your move! It's kind of fun having a new environment to work in.