Friday, October 19, 2012

Off Topic- Jewelry Time

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I have been in high gear creating my jewelry which has shifted my focus away from the manor just a bit. I am still working on the windows and finishing the shingling (pictures soon) but have been busy creating my non-caloric treats.
 Guaranteed NOT to add to your waist line. These are scented like chocolate.
The pendant is scented like cream cheese frosting.

This tort charm is super duper tiny. It was impossible for me to take a clear picture. Grrrrr.
These pictures are just horrible. I really need to get a better camera and a light box but they are sold at a retail level so buyers see them up close.
Thanks for checking these out. Making these always makes me smile despite the rain. Now I have to get back to work! Have a great day!

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  1. Hello Michi,
    Awesomw! these are just beautiful ...Wow they're small. Very impressive my friend. Have fun!
    Big hug,