Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Help Needed!

I really want to cover some of the lower sections of Garth Manor with ivy. There are several reasons for this. One being that it would look super cool and the other will be to cover up bits of work I may not be totally satisfied with. The problem is, I have never done anything like this before. Any help or suggestions would be so much appreciated! I am a stickler for realism so using some of the "netting covered with green scatter" you see around is not going to cut the mustard. Thank you in advance!


  1. I am working on ivy for the Heritage behind the scenes. I bought two mini ivy leaf punches by Punch Bunch. I've been coloring computer paper scraps with a variety of green markers and punch, punch, punching. :D I will shape them with a ball stylus and then glue them to a vine armature of some sort (still thinking about that but will probably use corn silk). The markers won't be colorfast, so if you worry about bleed, then you'll need to use green paper. Keep in mind mini punches don't like thick paper. Here's a post on my non-ivy leaves: but it is the same method: http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog1.php/mossy-steps and how they look after shaping: http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog1.php/leaves