Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vines for Garth Manor

Here are the vines that will cover parts of Garth Manor. The kits are from Peaches in Canada. You can see her work here:
The grape clusters won't be included but will be used in the Bavarian Cafe project. I think the leaves have a much more creepy feel to them as opposed to plain ivy. This was her suggestion and I couldn't agree more. I think they are absolutely fabulous! Check out her site and if you have ever thought of doing some flower kits, DEFINITELY check her out. Her work is amazing.
I am still furiously working on jewelry, trying desperately to get enough inventory together for the gift giving and show season. I got a late start because I was so busy with the manor (and I was kind of lazy and putting it off).
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I think these vines will be great! Looking forward to seeing them taking over the building!!! -Ara

  2. Hello Michi,
    The vines will look spectacular on Garth Manor. Excellent find and it's great that you'll have the grapes for the cafe. Have fun with the jewellery making. I hope you're ready for halloween.
    Big hug,